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At Stark Pharmacy, we still practice the time-proven art of compounding by using modern variations of “mortar and pestle” to prepare unique and individualized medications. Working with your doctor, compounding allows our pharmacists to customize the strength and dosage form of medication according to individual needs. This may include making an orally dissolving tablet or preparing a drug that is no longer commercially available. It may involve changing a medication from a pill form to a penetrating skin cream, adding flavors, or preparing a dye-free or preservative-free medication.

Our pharmacists, with the expert assistance of compounding lab technicians, formulate just about any kind of medicine specifically designed just for you! Our compounding services can enhance virtually any area of medicine including bioidentical hormone therapy, children’s dosage forms and flavors, capsule and suppository preparations, skin preparations, veterinary medications, sterile injectables, pain creams, medicated lozenges, eye and ear drops and even inhaled therapies. Ask us how compounded medications may help you!

A Knowledgeable Team that Truly Cares

There is more to pharmacy service than just dispensing prescriptions.  Stark Pharmacy offers many services not available in discount drug stores or grocery stores.  Our professionally trained staff thrives in giving you the best care possible and our service is second to none when it comes to prompt, professional attention.  Our pharmacists will personally work with you to better understand your health concerns so that you can achieve the most benefit from your medications.

Gary Gray  Managing Partner

Gary Gray
Managing Partner

Ernie Rupp  Pharmacist

Ernie Rupp

John Schafer  Managing Partner

John Schafer
Managing Partner

Jeff Kivett  Sterile Lab Manager

Jeff Kivett
Sterile Lab Manager

Suzie Schafer  Pharmacist

Suzie Schafer

Karen Butler  Consulting Pharmacist

Karen Butler
Consulting Pharmacist

Donna Gladden  Pharmacist

Donna Gladden