Getting Started on bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Ready to get started?  You will need to follow these simple steps to get going. These include speaking to your physician, getting lab work, and contacting Stark Pharmacy to receive your hormone questionnaire before your consult.

         frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information how hormone replacement can help you? Curious if hormone therapy is covered under insurance? We've created a single page for all your frequently asked questions.

Hormone Replacement Questionnaire

Stark Pharmacy provides free consultation service to help you determine the benefits of an ongoing hormone management program. This program allows us to evaluate by means of a completed patient history form and personal or phone consultation.  Begin by filling out this questionnaire so you can get started on the customization process.


Educational Seminars

Free Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Seminars for Women

Stark Pharmacy, inside Menorah Medical Center, invites you to attend and participate in one of our FREE Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Seminars.  Attend our seminar to find out what your options are for a healthier you. Get the straight answers you need to make informed, intelligent choices.

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