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February 12, 2024

Compounding is a unique service that you can only find through an independent pharmacy like ours. If you are curious about why it is important, then read on to discover– how do compounding pharmacies work? Plus, find out how you could possibly benefit from compounded medications made just for you!

How are compounding pharmacies different?

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Traditional pharmacies do not have the capability to mix and formulate their own medications. So maybe your next question is: What is a compound medication? Simply put, a compounded drug is personalized to whatever dosage strength or form the patient needs. Regular pharmacies can only produce standard doses of medicines, but if you require a unique dose or a combination of drugs that are not commercially available, that is where we come in. We use state-of-the-art lab equipment and technologies as well as the highest quality ingredients to create custom prescription medications.

What types of compounded medications do we make?

Our expert compounding specialists can work with nearly any type of drug and make a product that is effective for your health needs. We can produce compounded pain creams, tailored hormone therapy treatments, and even offer veterinary compounding for your pet’s prescriptions. Those with allergies or sensitivities can ask us to remove any fillers, preservatives, and unnecessary ingredients such as gluten, alcohol, and sugars from their medicine. We can most likely accommodate your requests no matter the drug or your preference!

Does compounding require a prescription?

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Yes, a compounded medication can only be obtained with a prescription, as it is a completely custom formula you cannot get anywhere else. We collaborate with patients and doctors quite often, so you can always talk to us about any questions or concerns about your prescription. We want to make sure we get your formula right and that it is the most effective way to treat your condition.

Why do people choose compounding pharmacies?

People can benefit from a compounding pharmacy for many reasons. We typically see three main reasons why people come to us:

Size: It may be that either the pill or capsule is too big to swallow, or the person struggles with swallowing pills at all. That’s not a problem for us, since we can make other preparations such as creams, gels, liquids, chewable capsules, dissolvable tablets, and more.

Taste: Especially when it comes to children and pet prescriptions, palatability is a significant factor when it comes to administering medicine. We have the ability to add natural flavorings so that it is easier both for them and for you.

Availability: As mentioned previously, sometimes you may need a specific dosage strength that’s not commercially available or require a formula without certain ingredients, which usually are not available at a regular pharmacy.

So, how do compounding pharmacies work? We take individual ingredients and alter drugs to create tailored prescription medication according to an individual’s health needs and preferences. Get in touch about our compounding services to see how we can best serve you!